Clay Settlement "Słomiany Zapał"
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The idea

The very idea of creating such a settlement was in the hosts’ minds for years… to move to the countryside, live closer to nature and, most importantly, in harmony with nature – respecting its right to protection. The settlement is the idea for our life. We decided to change it. It started from writing down a beautiful dream and later on we just went on pursuing it step by step… we were happy at every single success: like wonderful weather when pressing the straw, like having our own water supply connection, a land surveyor’s visit … The settlement is just being developed – it is a process that teaches us humbleness and patience, but at the same time makes us extremely happy. The first nano-habitat was built in 2011 – thanks to the partnership between the Cohabitat Group and Polish Design Office UNDP. The strawbale house construction was conducted in a workshop kind of mode. The nano-habitat construction was purposefully designed for the needs of straw bales. The workshop participants developed the whole structure from the foundations up to the very roof. Thanks to the partnership with a UN development programme an extremely important mission was brought to life. Youth from a Socio-therapy Centre from Łódź took part in the whole process.

Why Straw House? It is simply the technology of straw bales plastered with clay. It is about the technology and people involved in it that we really care about.