Clay Settlement "Słomiany Zapał"
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There are thousands of pressed straw and clay houses meeting all contemporary housing standards in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia and many other countries in the world where people are highly aware of ecological advances and their advantages. They are built in the sense of being responsible for the natural environment and with care of one’s own quality of life and future generations. The simplicity of the technology makes it possible for the houses to be put up by unprofessional individuals, which gives a real opportunity of solving the housing problem. However, it is not only the less affluent ones who build them, but strangely enough, mostly the rich ones, which is an effect of the exceptionally high health comfort of the houses and their ecological and aesthetic dimensions. Look for more publications on the strawbale project on the recommended websites. Here, read our short summary of the technology and basic advantages of clay and straw buildings.